New now! FOTRIC thermal imaging cameras

Overview FOTRIC products: Thermal imaging cameras FOTRIC 225, FOTRIC 228 and FOTRIC 3226We at BETESO are pleased to announce that in the future we will take over the distribution of FOTRIC thermal imaging cameras as a partner.

Thermal imaging cameras are used in industrial diagnostics, industry, research and development. There take on various tasks:

  • the detection of building weaknesses such as damage to the insulation or leaks.
  • detection of weak points in substations, solar panels or tunnels.
  • testing of distribution cabinets, capacitors or transformers.
  • inspection of motors, bearings and brakes.
  • maintenance of high-temperature, high-pressure or metal die-casting systems.
  • material studies.
  • durability tests.
  • testing in the development of electronics or in biomedicine.
The FOTRIC thermal imaging cameras are particularly well thought out and offer a wide range of functions at an unbeatable price. Whether you need a portable thermal imaging camera for building diagnostics or a flexible thermal imaging camera for long-term analysis, FOTRIC provides you with the right thermal imaging camera for your needs.
FOTRIC thermal imaging cameras can also be controlled via the smartphone app LinkIR. This app is intuitive and easy to use and allows not only the recording of thermal images, but also of radiometric videos. In addition, immediate analysis is possible in the app and correction entries can be made.

The Software AnalyzIR was developed for higher requirements. This allows further editing of the images and videos as well as extensive analyses in the field of research and development to be carried out.

An overview of the products can be found here: FOTRIC thermal imaging cameras

Detailed information on the individual products can be found directly at FOTRIC: