Inrush current limiters

Protect your network from high inrush currents!

Electrical loads with high inrush currents, such as motors, transformers or electronic ballasts, can trip the fuse when switched on.

This is due to the fact that these devices have a particularly high short-term current consumption during the switch-on phase.

The BETESO inrush current limiters ensure that the currents are limited during the inrush phase. This protects your mains and prevents the fuse from tripping when your devices are switched on.

Available versions:

  • Alternating current (1-phase) or three-phase current (3-phase)
  • Voltages from 115 V to 400 V
  • Mounting in switch cabinet or in protective housing
Einschaltstrombegrenzer MIL16d

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High performance inrush current limiter for alternating current or three-phase networks

  • Single phase (1L)
  • Three-phase with neutral (3L+N)
  • For currents up to 90A (per outer conductor)